Spa day

Looking for your dog to get pampered and treated and look like he/she is ready for the runway?

Well, if that's the case come make your appointment with us today to get just that. Our newly redone grooming room is waiting for your dog to come in. Our groomers are all certified and will treat your dog with love and attention they need. No need to take them to a big corporate place when all they see is quanitity over quality.Here at the Dawg House we want to take the time and attention for your furbaby so we can make them look right and they can enjoy their time. 

  • Grooming:
  •    Pre-cut
  •    Brush out
  •    Bath
  •    Ears
  •    Anal glands
  •    Finish cut
  •    Brush out
  •    Blow dry

  • Bath
  •    Everything but the cut

  • Nails

  • Feet, Face, Fanny